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Improve customer satisfaction with effective technical management!

Customer satisfaction

Thorough evidence of the hotel’s technical condition

Efficient energy operation

Avoid dissatisfied visitors and unforeseen costs!

Satisfied guests, high occupancy and efficient operation is the goal of every hotel owner or operator. 

Managers need to have a comprehensive overview and up-to-date information on the technical condition of the hotel and on essential repair and maintenance requirements. 

With the right and correct information, managers can avoid unforeseen costs and problems in budget planning and budget execution. A well-functioning and fast information system is one of the prerequisites so that hotel owners and managers do not have to worry about threats to the hotel’s reputation, visitor dissatisfaction and low hotel occupancy. 

The information system Chastia FM and Chastia ONE provide high quality ready-made solutions for the technical management of hotels, which are proven in practice. 

Find out what we can do for you. 

Achieve fast and high - quality processes

Quick access to information

The central database with data on the technical condition of the hotel is accessible from any place, at any time and to all competent personnel.

Operational maintenance ON TIME

At all times, you will know about all the maintenance requirements and its costs. Thanks to this you will be able to take the necessary measures on time for the satisfaction of your guests.

Efficient energy management

Using a high-quality information system results in a quick overview of the energy requirements of the hotel premises and equipment. As a result you will be able to effectively manage your energy consumption.

Our customers 

Our experience

18managed hotels

10 years of experience in the hotel industry

25 years of experience with real estate maintainance & management

Solutions for successful technical management of a hotel

Chastia software brings solutions to many areas of work. In addition, the software is modular, which allows the customer to build a graphical information system gradually.

Property passport

The software allows you to keep a detailed central record of your chosen premises and equipment with the possibility of their graphical representation.

Centralized document management

You can keep the documents required for the company’s activities clearly in one database and with access for all authorized persons.

Maintenance management

The software provides solid grounds for scheduled maintenance based on regulations and ordinances. The software also supports unplanned maintenance via the Chastia One web extension.

Energy management

The system creates clear analyzes, comparisons and reports necessary for taking correct decisions in the management of Hotel technical operations.


Your next steps

Do not hesitate and make an appointment with our staff. We will look at your current processes and gladly go through your expectations.

We will custom design the solution to what you need.

We will deploy the Chastia software and you will streamline the technical management of the hotel.

Slow solutions can jeopardize your reputation

In the absence of a central database of data on the technical condition of the hotel, the elimination of deficiencies and technical defects is slowed down. Owners and managers do not always have up-to-date information what requires maintenance and repair. This can cause complications in the financial management of the hotel. What is worse, the first one to encounter technical shortcoming can be your client. This usually endangers the good name of the facility. 

The Chastia FM information system brings a better overview of the technical condition of premises and equipment. In addition the system enhances overview of financial requirements for maintenance, or labor savings. What is more it also optimizes the use of employees’ working time. The introduction of software leads to faster processes and, ultimately, to cost savings and increased profits for the hotel company.