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Comprehensive overview of the state of assets

High quality management of maintenance processes

Efficient energy management

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Every industrial enterprise needs to have a thorough overview of the state of its movable and immovable property. It is especially important for companies to have up-to-date information on the technical condition of equipment. This is especially crucial for reserved technical equipment (VTZ). With the right and comprehensive information, regular service activities not only for VTZ will be performed on time. The company can avoid fines for exceeding the maximum reserved electricity capacity and the maximum daily amount of gas consumed. You can also avoid increased energy costs and possible accidents and health hazards related to the poor technical condition of the equipment. 

The Chastia FM information system and the Chastia ONE information system provide ready-made and practical solutions for efficient management of production halls, administrative premises and technical equipment. 

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Benefits you will appreciate

Fast and clear access to information

The central document database, with access for all authorized persons, allows you to work with direct and fast information.

Centralized and automated maintenance management

All data stored in a clear form in one database, accessible from anywhere, is one of the prerequisites for high quality and fast maintenance management.

Efficient energy management

The software is a powerful tool that allows you to quickly and correctly analyze energy management and evaluate the energy efficiency of the operations.

Integrated CAD drawing documentation viewer

The location of all necessary objects shown in graphical form facilitates orientation in daily operation.

Our customers

Our experience

10years of experience in the segment

1000000 m2 of managed area

100000 registered requests

Software that offers solutions for many areas of your work

Chastia FM software and its extension Chastia ONE bring solutions to many areas of work. In addition, the software is modular, which allows the customer to build a graphical information system gradually.

Property passportization

The software allows you to keep a detailed central record of your selected objects and equipment, with the possibility of their graphical representation.

Centralized document management

You can keep the documents required for the company’s activities clearly in one database in the Chastia information system. Access to these documents is available for all authorized persons from anywhere.

Maintenance management

The software handles scheduled maintenance based on regulations and ordinances. It handles unplanned maintenance via the Chastia ONE web extension as well.

Technical support

Chastia ONE and its Helpdesk module offer you the possibility to report requests via a web interface.

Evidence and budgeting of energy consumption

The software makes it possible to record and monitor all energy and services at its entry point. It gives the opportunity to reconciliate the costs of energy and services for each individual space or building.

Energy management

By implementing this software, you get a powerful tool for evaluating and creating high quality reports in the field of energy consumption for individual buildings and technical equipment.


Your next steps

Arrange a consultation with our staff. We will look at how the processes in your company currently work.

We will design the solution exactly according to what you need.

We will deploy Chastia software and you will streamline business processes.

An industrial company that wants to grow needs to have a quality information system

Those who want to be successful are constantly looking for solutions to make their business more efficient. At CHASTIA, we know that a high quality information system can speed up and simplify many processes in industrial companies. Insufficient overview of the state of assets can increase the demands on the employees work load and cause various unforeseen expenses. Improperly configured information processes can be the reason that a company exceeds the specified capacities in the consumption of electricity and gas. What is more as a result waste of energy can occur and thus increase the company’s costs. Delayed service inspections of production equipment endanger the safety of personnel using the equipment. 

The Chastia FM information system brings order to the functioning of industrial enterprises together with clarity and simplicity in information processing, labor savings, more optimal use of employees’ working time, better overview of the technical condition of equipment. An important part of the system is the energy management, which helps to more efficient energy consumption. The implementation of the Chastia information system will lead to faster processes and, ultimately, to cost savings and increased company profits.