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Many administrative activities often take too much time. Different types of information and documents related to the management of administrative buildings need to be searched in several places. Recording activities lack a uniform methodology. Obtaining data on the composition of assets, buildings, equipment, or contracts is unnecessarily complicated and inefficient.

The information system Chastia FM and Chastia ONE provide high quality ready-made solutions for the complex technical and economic management of an administrative building.

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Benefits you will appreciate


The software will allow all employees to have complete information in one place. Access from a single database will secure documents against unauthorized modification and deletion.


With our software Chastia you will be able to create detailed records of all basic data neatly arranged according to the selected categories.


Chastia solutions bring you automation in various areas: lease contracts management, invoicing, or energy management.


With our software solutions, you get quality data for planning, evaluation and analysis.

Our experience in numbers

20years of experience in the segment

1000000m2 of managed area

5000 managed leases


Our software – support for various areas of work

Chastia FM software and Chastia ONE bring solutions to many areas of work. In addition, the software is modular, which allows the customer to build a graphical information system gradually. 

Detailed passportization of company assets

The system allows you to document in detail all objects, real estate, equipment, all employees. This can be done even in graphical form.

Evidence of areas and spaces

Our software solution offers a record of all basic data on all building spaces and areas. The records are based on categorization according to the types of properties. In addition, categories include premises, usability, rentability, costing method, or price categories.

Lease Management

The Chastia solution offers automated tools for collective work with tenancies, automated generation of contracts, automated generation and management of repayment calendars, advance regulations, invoices and billing.

Document management

Chastia enables centralized management of all documents required for the company’s activities. Documents are attached to each object of the information system and are accessible from anywhere in Chastia by simply clicking on the object. 

Evidence and budgeting of energy consumption

With this solution, you will be able to reliably record and monitor all energy flow and services at the entry of a premise, as well as calculate costs within the buildings at the point of consumption

Energy management

Chastia is a powerful tool for proper evaluation and analysis in the field of production, distribution and energy consumption. The outputs can be done for individual buildings or split as far as individual end customers.

Sales plan

In the comparison table, you can track planned and actual revenues from the management, rental or supply of energy and services.

Records of received payments and monitoring of receivables

The software allows you to record incoming payments and track receivables by comparing them with issued invoices.

Maintenance management

Through Chastia, you get a thorough record of scheduled maintenance. Using the Chastia ONE web extension, you also get a record of unplanned maintenance. 

Client support

Within the Chastia ONE system, your client simply registers all maintenance requirements. Any time she can track the status of fulfillment as well. In the Client Zone section, you will get quick access to your contracts, invoices and other documents. 

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Properly set up processes will support your successful operation

For the administrator of an administrative complex, the smooth and reliable operation of its individual sections is important. The prerequisite for this is that it has a correctly and well-established information system.

Working with data is often slow without a suitable information system. Such work requires a lot of effort and working time. If employees rely on data retrieval from multiple sources, their work is unnecessarily complicated and the error rate increases. These aspects increase the personnel and economic demands of the company.

The Chastia information system brings to the technical and economic administration labor savings, more optimal use of employees’ working time, better overview of registration activities, faster solution of maintenance processes and, ultimately, savings in the company’s costs.