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Achieve efficient heat production!

High efficiency in heat production and distribution

A comprehensive overview of the technical condition of heat management

Introduce centralization and transparency into economic activities

Avoid inefficient heat production!

Every heating producer wants to avoid inefficient and uneconomical production and distribution of heat to its customers. 

Heating companies have a wide range of technological equipment, the records of which should not be superficial and insufficiently clear. 

Energy budgeting and billing preparation can be complex, time consuming and it may require a more comprehensive and user-friendly approach than currently in use. 

The Chastia graphic information system is the first modern and really comprehensive software solution to help solve problems for producers and distributors of heat and other energy media. 

Find out what we can do for you. 

Benefits to help you grow

Clear records of energy production and distribution

The Chastia solution makes it possible to obtain summary information on data important for the smooth and efficient operation of heat management.

Extensive energy management

The software is a powerful tool that allows managers to evaluate the energy efficiency of an operation quickly and correctly. What is more, it also strongly supports analyses of energy management.

Centralized and automated maintenance management

All the data needed for high quality and fast maintenance management is stored in one database, in a clear form and accessible from anywhere.

Comprehensive economic agenda

The system simplifies and clarifies the company’s economic activities. It helps to gain a comprehensive view of the economics of heat production and distribution.

Our experience in numbers 

30heat managements use our software

15 years of experience in energy segment

10000 energy bills issued per month

The right solution for many areas of work

Chastia FM software and its extension Chastia ONE bring solutions to many areas of work. In addition, the software is modular, which allows the customer to build a graphical information system gradually.

Property passportization

he software allows you to keep a detailed central record of your selected objects and devices, with the possibility of their graphical representation.

Centralized document management

You can keep the documents required for the company’s activities clearly in one database and with access for all authorized personnel.

Evidence and budgeting of energy consumption

The software allows you to record various parameters for sampling and measuring collection points and then process this data according to your liking.

Energy management

The system creates clear analyzes, comparisons and reports necessary for correct decisions in traffic management.

Contracts and invoices

Chastia software solution handles the registration of contracts, their amendments and annexes. It generates invoices for media and services, masters mass correspondence and enables the monitoring of receivables.

Maintenance management

The software handles scheduled maintenance based on regulations and ordinances. It manages unplanned maintenance through the Chastia ONE web extension as well.

Helpdesk and client zone

Our solutions offer you the ability to report requests via a web interface and also provide access to data on collection points and customers.


Your next steps

Arrange a consultation with our staff. We will look at how the processes in your company currently work.

We will design the solution exactly according to what you need.

We will deploy Chastia software and you will streamline business processes.

Want to move forward? Innovate!

It is important for every district heating company to be able to produce heat and distribute it to customers efficiently. 

 Inefficient heat production leads to reduced profits or losses. Fines are imposed if the company does not comply with legislative requirements for the maintenance of the technological equipment. The economic agenda is sometimes too confusing and consumes a lot of working time of your critical asset – employees. 

The Chastia information system brings clarity and simplicity into information processing, significant savings in time consumption, much more optimal use of employees’ working time, and a better overview of the technical condition of your equipment. An important part of the system is also energy management, which helps to produce heat more efficiently. All these benefits will lead to faster processes and, ultimately, cost savings and increased company profits.