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Manage your shopping center with high efficiency and simplicity!

Introduce order in the lease management

Speed up billing activities

Streamline maintenance and energy management

Avoid cluttered and complicated processes

Administrative and economic activities related to the management of the shopping center are often labour intensive and time consuming. The preparation of invoices, budgets, various reports, as well as the technical maintainance need to be based on clear data. These activities cannot be complicated and slow. Usually there exist a lack of simplicit, clarity and lack of automation of tasks when monitoring energy consumption and billing. 

The information system Chastia provide a ready-made and practical solution for comprehensive technical and economic management of the shopping center. 

Find out what we can do for you. 

The benefits you will grow up with

Simple and automated processes

With process automation Chastia software solution allows you to simplify contract preparation, invoicing as well as budgeting.

Clear reporting

The system allows you to clearly monitor all necessary indicators and create reliable reports.

Effective asset management

Chastia software brings effective solutions to maintenance management processes. This includes planned, preventive and unplanned processes.

Our customers

Our experience in numbers 

16years of experience in the segment

300000 m2 of managed retail space

2000managed retail units

Software solution for many areas of your work

Chastia FM software and Chastia ONE bring solutions to many areas of work. In addition, the software is modular, which allows the customer to build a graphical information system gradually.

Easy preparation and registration of lease agreements

The Chastia system enables easy generation and preparation of lease agreements based on editable document templates compatible with MS Word.

Bulk invoicing

The software simplifies bulk invoicing throughout the entire shopping center. It allows you to invoice any service or energy, while supporting various forms of invoicing.

Operating costing

Chastia is an instrument for efficient monthly or annual costs distribution between individual retail units of the shopping center.


The software allows you to create freely different variants of budgets in terms of cost or in terms of revenues.

Automated reporting

The Chastia system gives you the ability to clearly compare costs and revenues, to monitor budget execution in real time, or to review the status of invoices and receivables in real time . Real time monitoring of budget execution or real time review of invoicing and payables is a natural outcome for Chastia solution.

Maintenance management

The software provides solid data for scheduled maintenance based on regulations and ordinances. Unplanned maintenance is taken care of as well via the Chastia One web extension.

Helpdesk and client zone

Chastia solution offers tenants the opportunity to report maintenance and repair requests via a web-based interface.

Energy management

Quality reports are the starting point for the successful management of the shopping center.


Your next steps

Do not hesitate and make an appointment with our staff. We will look at your current processes and gladly go through your expectations.

We will custom design the solution to what you need.

We will deploy the Chastia software and you will streamline the technical management of the hotel.

Support your progress with our software solution

If the administration associated with the renting of premises was too complex and slow, it would represent increased labor costs and higher time consumption. Unclear records without a single information database could slow down processes in the technical and economical field leading to inaccurate data. These unreliable numbers can be unpleasantly reflected in planning and budgeting. All this could have an impact on higher costs. 

The Chastia information system brings labor savings, more optimal use of employees’ working time and reduction of errors to the management of the shopping center. The system enables a better overview of registration activities, faster resolution of administrative issues or maintenance processes. In the end, for every shopping center, this can mean cost savings and increased profits.